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The company carry out GMP management with thorough quality assurance system.The established quality profile and GMP
related SOPs guarantees the quality goal of products 100% qualified before released, 100% disposal rate towards complaints,
non-occurance of recall.

(1) Quality credit managing system is set up dominated by QA and QC, and the qualified quality management staff and
analysts are equipped as per GMP regulated.All analysts take the job on the condition of certificates are obtained which are
required by Pharmaceutical industry. The company is possessed of academic quality analysis andf quality management teams
by means of regular training and examination.

(2) QC consists of HPLC room, Gas Chromatography room, IR room, weighing room, other apparatus room, physical
and chemical analysis room, positive germ lab, stability testing room, sample retained room.Besides, equipments related with
raw material analysis, in-process analysis and release analysis are alsi equipped.

(3)With regard to the quality management of raw material and products, the company always keep the rule that no use of
disqualified raw material, not put to next step for disqualified intermediate, and no release for disqualified finished product.

(4)Regarding process control, especially for key quality control point, the company formulate “managing procedure for
process” and “managing procedure for BPR” to reinforce the control, together with regular management from team, workshop
and the company, so as to ensure the exact operation in the process of production.

(5)In terms of quality control on finished product, the company have sample retention system for all released products and
would carry out recall procedure if quality issue occurs. Meanwhile, the company also do the stability test to ensure the quality
meets the requirement in the valid period.

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